8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Posted on Apr 15 2014 - 2:32am by Nenna'a

When we talk about Easter crafts, cute bunnies and colorful eggs come in mind. Easter is a great and exciting holiday for the little ones because it’s filled with vibrant colors and kid-friendly themes. Including your kids in holiday projects is always a good idea since it gives them a chance to learn more about the meaning of the holiday while also having fun. And with a holiday with such great meaning like Easter that is very important. So, get creative and inspire creativity in your children with these great Easter kids crafts. It will be just the thing to get you all in a pre-holiday excitement. Choose some of these adorable projects and we are sure that you and your family will have wonderful time creating heartwarming holiday decorations for your home.

Easter Bunny Flower Pot

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to kidsfunreviewed.com

Make a super-easy Easter bunny flower pot that will look just amazing as an Easter table centerpiece. It’s a quite simple project so your kids can be involved in almost all aspects of making it. From painting the flower pot to cutting and gluing the adorable bunny ears.

Easter Art Glittered with Crushed Egg Shells

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to makeandtakes.com

Here is a very interesting project that is just perfect for children. It has everything a holiday project needs, it’s simple, uses festive materials and most importantly it’s fun! Have the children draw something Easter-themed, trace it with glue and then just sprinkle colorful egg shells on it.

Egg Bunny

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to spoonful.com

We just love these bunnies! They are just so adorable. And if you think this project might be too advanced for children, you’d be wrong. It’s nothing too complicated and even though their finished product might not look as polished, the charm kids will bring to the project will make it ten times more beautiful.

Chick and Bunny Treat Holders

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to blog.hwtm.com

Here is an adorable project that your kids will just love. It’s incredibly easy to make and it’s just so cute! Perfect as an Easter-themed decoration and to keep your easter treats. The material used are simple and inexpensive so it’s a great project for a group activity as well.

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to craftsbyamanda.com

Using paper rolls you can make this fun, bright and colorful bunny family. It’s great for a family craft where you can have each child make themselves or as a kindergarten activity where the children can make their bunny families. Either way they will have tons of fun.

Textured Easter Eggs Sensory Art

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to cafemom.com

Here is a great sensory project that will work even for the younger kids in the family. And the possibilities are endless. The creator used buttons, cotton balls and pipe cleaners but you can basically use whatever colorful material, which can stick to a double sided tape, you have on hand.

Easy Easter Bunny

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to makobiscribe.com

Have a little pre-holiday fun with your children and create these super-easy Easter bunnies. It will take you about 15 minutes to create them and your kids will be just so proud of their artwork in the end, we assure you. Have fun and let your kids customize the bunnies and make them their own.

Envelope Bunnies

8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids

Photo credit to marthastewart.com

What is a better way to say Happy Easter than with a paper-envelope rabbit filled with treats? And you won’t believe how simple these are to make. Get regular envelopes, have your children cut out the ears from the template, draw a face and you are done! Wasn’t that just the easiest?

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8 Adorable Easter Crafts for Kids
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